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Welcome my friends to my subscribers account via Bandcamp. What do you get for a little over £1 a week? Firstly the warm glow that giving gives! Also all my back catalogue that is available on Bandcamp now and in the future. This will include solo work and collaborations. It will also mean the chance to order physical releases (including Sol Invictus) directly from me at a discount and signed by moi, if that sort of thing floats your boat. I hope to regularly upload subscriber only tracks that may be from a concert, rehearsal, remix or a work in progress.

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Tony Wakeford
London, UK
Anthony Charles "Tony" Wakeford (born 2 May 1959, Woking, Surrey) is an English folk and neoclassical musician who primarily records under the name Sol Invictus. Wakeford lives in London and is married to violinist Renée Rosen.
He also played bass, guitar and keyboards on a number of studio albums by Current 93 as well as playing with them live.


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